Simplicity, grace and creativity pepper every one of Hashi’s dishes.  Since its creation in 2005, Carlos Kristensen has presented a menu that blends and balances local flavors and ingredients with knowledge gained from international experience.  A taste of the world tempered with ingredients from gaucho and Brazilian cuisine in a balanced and harmonious menu that showcases the chef’s creativity.

In addition to sushi and sashimi creations, Hashi also offers dishes featuring fish, beef, poultry, starters and desserts, tiny delicacies paired with a comprehensive selection of wines.

As well as the fixed menu, the restaurant also has a Tasting Menu (Menu Degustação) and the so-called Confidence Menu (Menu Confiança).

The Tasting Menu consists of 6 dishes in small portions chosen by the chef, where the customer is offered different options for each course.

The Confidence Menu features exclusive creations by chef Carlos Kristensen, according to the customer’s tastes and the availability of the best ingredients of the day. About 8 dishes are served in small portions, presented at the table by the chef himself.  The Confidence Menu is the best way the experience Hashi’s comprehensive cuisine.