Hashi regularly hosts art exhibitions and celebrations such as birthdays, social commemorations and business meetings.  Intimate and contemporary, events at Hashi carry the creative signature of chef Carlos Kristensen and his skilled team.

The restaurant also ventures outside the confines of its Bela Vista neighborhood base and creates unique experiences like Hashi at the Petim Farm – a Sunday dedicated to fabulous flavors with nature as its backdrop and exclusive details created for each gathering.

Carlos Kristensen has featured in several renowned events, including Outstanding in the Field at the Miolo winery, Gastronômade Brasil at the Luiz Argenta winery, Goal to Brazil hosted by Embratur in Berlin, Germany, and Brasil Sabor in Três Poderes (Three Powers) Square, Brasília, among others.

More than spearheading culinary moments, Kristensen and Luciane Scherer also contribute to the creation of events that enhance Hashi’s vocation, both in and outside the restaurant.